TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Social Media Strategist:

1)  Because you think a “hashtag” is something you eat for breakfast.

2)  Because no one barely comments, likes or shares any of your posts.

3)  Because you think Facebook should be used for nothing other than to broadcast all about your promotions, free giveaways and your daily specials.

4)  Because you think posting on other people’s walls and asking them to like your page is a form of engagement.

5)  Because you think “tagging” on Facebook is child’s play.

6)  Because you’re running out of ideas on what to post or tweet about.

7)  Tweet?  What tweet?!

8)  Because you have no idea of what engagement is and you’re deathly afraid of commitment.

9)  Because you don’t know if you should engage with someone or ignore them, because last time you clicked on a link they sent you, your account was hacked!

10)  Because you don’t have time to run your own business.


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I’ll be honest, social media is not hard to master, however, social media takes a lot of time to master!  Social media is not a one and done type of approach.  Social media is something that needs to be attended to on a consistent basis.  Picture a pool of water, if you throw a pebble (content) in the water (social media platform) it will create a wave (your message).  Doing so on a consistent basis, will resonate a message to people.  If done correctly, it will resonate a message that will leave a positive impact with your audience.  If you don’t continue to throw something in the water, the water will remain still and become stagnant.  Moral of the story, if you want to be heard, you need to continually manage, maintain and monitor your social media initiatives.

You have a business to run.  My business is to help you so you can have more time to run your business.  I have been developing social media strategies for several years and my clients range in size and industry — from financial start-up to biotech contract lab and manufacturer, to photographer, sporting goods rental, wine bar and family-owned restaurant.  I believe social media is all about building relationships. If you want that relationship to thrive, you need to constantly nurture it.

Contact me today and I’ll teach you the art of social media engagement.