Where in My Town Wauconda 06/12/2013


Here’s another episode of “Where in My Town Wauconda“……can you guess what this is?       If you guessed it’s water with some mint and cucumber slices, then you are right.  It’s a very refreshing drink.  Any idea where you can find it?       If you guessed Bevel Salon & Blow Dry […]

Where in My Town Wauconda 05/15/2013


Curious as to what this is a photo of?   It’s actually a deterrent for birds and other creatures so they don’t perch or nest there or worse, want to share in any of your food or drinks.  We can’t let that happen now, would we?! Hmmm…..so where can you spot this in Wauconda? Here’s […]

Where in My Town Wauconda 05/08/2013


Here’s what we have this week.  We have quite a few health buffs so we had some great guesses.  This is called a T- Grip bar, which I use to tone up my arms.  And where is this you ask?  Scroll down to find the answer…     You can find this at Vitality Inc., Health […]

Where in My Town Wauconda 04/24/2013


This week’s Where in My Town Wauconda is a bit tough.  I didn’t think it would be, but I had My Town Wauconda fans stomped!  Here is the picture again of what people needed to guess….     The answer is:   Aspire Boutique.  It’s part of the lampshade that you can find for sale […]

Where in My Town Wauconda 04/17/2013


We like to play “Where in My Town Wauconda” where we take a photo of an object that was spotted around Wauconda.  Then people can guess what it is and where it can be seen.  Here’s one that was spotted while we’re out and about one of our favorite hang-outs.  Can anyone guess where in […]

Where in My Town Wauconda 03/06/2013

Where in My Town Wauconda

Once a week we play “Where in My Town Wauconda” where I post a photo and fans try to guess where the photo was taken.  So this week, I was out and about and I took a photo of these pretty pink roses.  Any idea where I found them?     Here’s the rest of […]

Where in My Town Wauconda ~ BBQ Seasoning

Where in My Town Wauconda, Butt Rub, Barbeque Seasoning

Here’s another series of “Where in My Town Wauconda” was this spotted from?  And  sure it’s not that cold out there today, so you can grill, also great for smoking!  So fire it up and guess…. Can you tell where this was taken out and about in Wauconda?     The WINNER of this week’s […]

Where in My Town Wauconda Sudsy Day

Where in My Town Wauconda Soap Making Class

I thought Saturdays would be best to do “Where in My Town Wauconda” postings for a change. What do you think? I used to do them on Wednesdays but I’ve been told many miss them since they’re at work. So hopefully, Saturdays are best? Let me know though….. Here’s to kick-off for our first Where […]