I read a very interesting article in the latest issue of Food Network magazine about restaurant chefs going to great lengths of prohibiting their customers from taking photos of their meal.  Reason being is that, the quality of photos taken do not give their food justice and may actually deter people from ordering or worse, not going to their restaurants, period.




Some restaurants actually have phone bans and have asked patrons to surrender their phones at the host’s stand.  In exchange, they get a discount on their meal.

Other restaurant owners, have resorted to emailing their meals to diners before their meal is over.

What do you think of this?  Do you like to take photos of your meal while dining out?  Do you think restaurants should have a cell phone ban?  If they did, would you still eat there?  Would you surrender your phone in exchange for a discount of your meal?  If you’re a restaurant owner, what are your thoughts on this?  Do you mind or not at all when patrons take photos of your food?  Please share with us your comments below.  We all would love to hear it!

Source:  Food Network Magazine, May 2013

Permission granted for use of image from:  Something Banging