My Town Wauconda Fan of The Month Winner

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda on Facebook

My Town Wauconda is a Facebook Page created to help connect the residents and businesses of Wauconda together…..SOCIALLY. It is meant to bring about an awareness for all the beautiful things Wauconda has to offer, from all the exciting events or causes to services being offered by the businesses of Wauconda and its nearby communities.

The page also serves as a tool for the businesses of Wauconda to use as a guide to reach out to their potential customers by emulating how social media is done correctly.

My Town Wauconda and Its Demographics

Since the page was created back in April 2012, its fan base has had steady growth with a current fan count of 616.  It has expanded to 20 communities including Chicago.  The fans consist of residence, business owners,  community volunteers, advocates, customers, homeowners, neighbors, friends, professionals and students.  They are heavily engaged and are avid supporters of the Wauconda community.

My Town Wauconda Facebook page offers something for everyone with varied post strategies that are sure to attract any fans no matter what age, sex or demographic location, fans are liking, sharing and of course commenting on our posts.

My Town Wauconda Demographics November 2012

My Town Wauconda Demographics as of November 2012


One of the things we feature on our My Town Wauconda page is our Top 5 Weekly Fans.  They are recognized as such for the numbers of likes, shares and comments they make on our page.  And I’m sure you will agree that this sort of activity on a page, makes for a very fun and lively environment.

So without further delay, here are the My Town Wauconda fans being recognized for all the fun activity that they share on our page and beyond…

My Town Wauconda Fan of the Week Honorable Mentions are:

Audra Bochat Dougherty
Robin Jividen Heath
Nadine Gerling
Marci Richards Suelzer
Judi Lee Webb

These fans are frequent engagers on our My Town Wauconda page.  They’re always sharing valuable content and are very passionate about everything Wauconda.  Their names were all entered in a hat for a chance to win a special surprise.  Keep reading to see who won and what she won!

The WINNER of My Town Wauconda Fan of The Month is:

JoAnn Aronds Freeman

Please join me in congratulating JoAnn!  Her name was pulled out of a hat and she won a T-shirt with our brand new logo.  Congratulations JoAnn!!!  Hope you will wear this T-shirt with pride.  🙂

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

How about you?  Will you join us on My Town Wauconda FB Page?  Be in the know of everything Wauconda and have a chance to WIN a lovely T-shirt you can wear around town and be proud of “My Town Wauconda!”





About Jocelyn Wilhelm

Jocelyn Wilhelm is very passionate about her community and has a strong drive to help businesses succeed in this day of all things digital. Jocelyn has a knack for knowing how to perfectly optimize every marketing effort for both search engines and direct target audience. Jocelyn owns her own consulting firm, JW Social Media where she helps companies develop their Inbound Marketing Strategy. A long-time resident of Wauconda of over 14 years, Jocelyn is an avid foodie and wine enthusiast and loves to frequent local establishments to learn all about them and shares her experiences with the community using the power of social media. Check out how she engages with the Wauconda community on My Town Wauconda Facebook Page.

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