My first day at Stacie Cakes was a blast to say the very least! Usually I am not a morning person, but today I woke up feeling excited about the bakery opening today.

When I walked in the doors at 6:45am I was welcomed by such an inviting atmosphere. The pink Parisian café theme is so adorable and you are immediately drawn to the big display cases holding the delicious pastry treasures. Our doors opened at 7am and people started trickling in. Soon after that we were slammed with people eager to try our amazing breakfast pastries. The sweets didn’t even spend much time in the display cases before they were enjoyed by our happy customers.

For a snack I tried the chocolate croissant, it was to die for! Stacie has perfected the croissant with buttery flakey goodness. The center is filled with melted chocolate that is the perfect amount of sweetness. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing can!

As the day continued we became more and more busy. Around 10am cupcakes started to assemble and made their way to the front, but of course they did not stay there for long! They were at such a high demand that people had reserved their desired flavor even before they came out. At times we were doing so well, we almost ran right out of pastries!

But Stacie and her crew were speedy quick constantly replenishing the inventory. By the time 3pm rolled around, we had to close after selling everything we had in the store! It was a big success! The best part had to be seeing everyone leave with smiles on their faces and nothing but compliments for what they had enjoyed.

I’m looking forward to doing that all over again tomorrow….

How about you, have you been to Stacie Cakes? Tell us what’s your favorite.