Letters to Santa

The Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012 featured lots of fun activities for everyone young and younger!  There were face painting, gingerbread house decorating contest, tree decorating contest, letters to Santa, scavenger hunt, sleigh ride, snowflake lighting ceremony, a visit with Santa and Mrs. Clause and much more. The event drew in a large crowd once again, much like the Trick or Treat on Main did, and many of the Wauconda businesses participated in this event also.

Deby Dato, a Wauconda native shared with us a few samplings of Letters to Santa. Following are some of these letters and I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face as it did mine.

Letters to Santa Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012

Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012/Letters to Santa

Here’s one from William, age 10 on why he should get presents — Why I should get presents.  Is because when my mom had a heart attack I help around the house.  When my grandma fell down I was good and cleaned her apartment with my family.  And when my dad cleans I help him with the dishes and the floor.  And that why I shold get preasnts.

Ella, age 6 is certainly a good little helper.  Here is what she says — I help my sister clean her stuff.  Sometimes I help my brother do stuff.  I help my mom do the dishes because she cooks for us.  I take my friends to the nurse at school when they have a headache.  When my teacher drops stuff I help her by picking it up.  At recess at school, if my friends get hurt I help them because it makes me sad so I help them.

A nice boy named Noah, age 3 says, — I am a nice boy at school.  I don’t hit other kids and I’m not mean to other kids.  I bought pajamas for other kids who don’t have them to make them happy.  I help mommy clean out dishes.  I’m so nice to friends when they come to our house.  I don’t push or spit or push or hit.  I share my toys with other kids.

And we have 5 year old Logan’s undivided attention — At baseball a friend told a girl on our team that she was bad at hitting.  I said to my friend that was not nice.  I feed our dog.

Looks like Kaylee, age 9 has it all figured out — If my friends are sad I give them a treat.  I clean my room.  I set the table.  I clean the house with my mom.  I help my friends if they are sad.  If people in my class talk i be quiet.  I be respectful, safe, and responsible.  I respect my teacher family and friend stuff.  I say please and thankyou to my friends and family.  I work hard and never give up.  Merry christmas.

Here’s what polite Brianna, age 9 had to say — I be quet in line when all my classmates are talking.  I ask nicely for people to be quet.  I sal please and thank you.  I help people.  I am kind and I will never ever lie.  I always complement people.  I make new friends almost every chance I get.  I pay attenshion in class.  I don’t judge people of how they look and I share.  have a nice day, bye!


Now it’s Deby’s turn.

I grew up in Wauconda as did my parents and we go back a long way.  I’ve been married to my husband David (who is the fire chief in Wauconda) for 27 years. I’m currently an at home domestic engineer (LOL) which leaves me time to be involved in my community.  I worked in the medical field for 20 years and then worked as a Director of a Preschool/Daycare in Island Lake for 10 years. I’ve been on the Board of Education for Wauconda School Dist. 118 for 16 years and I’ll be running for re-election in April 2013.  I’m also in the Wauconda Lions Club and I was the first female to join the club approximately 10 years ago.  I help in the Wauconda schools with PTO events, help do fundraisers for my son’s hockey team at Carmel Catholic High School and I think that’s about it.  Needless to say, I love to help my community in any way I can.  Wauconda is very dear to my heart as well as my husbands heart as he grew up here as well.  We started dating the end of my senior year of high school and have been together ever since (32 years).


And now it’s your turn. Did you go to Wauconda’s Holiday Walk on Main last week? What did you think of it? What did you like most about it? Share with us your thoughts on it. Wauconda would like to know.

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