Contest Winners “Why My Dad Rocks”


Don’t forget Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th.  We held a contest here in so readers can write about their dad and why they rock.  They also had a chance to win fabulous prizes from Bulldogs Grill, JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda and Vitality Inc., Health for a Lifetime.  Thank you all for entering and we drew names of three lucky winners.  Read their stories below of  “Why My Dad Rocks!”

Charlie from Algonquin said this about his Dad Sidney.  Charlie & Sidney, pick up your special prize courtesy of Bulldogs Grill!

My dad rocks because he makes me laugh so hard everyday. He can’t remember any words to songs so he makes up his own. I sit in the back seat and laugh at him all the time. He laughs at himself. He also does the worst impressions. He thinks they are good though. Like Lilo from lilo and stitch. Or that guy Rocky from the movie. He’s so funny. I’m laughing writing this thinking about him. My dads the best dad!

Ricky Tiesi from Wauconda wrote this about his Dad Rich and won a prize from JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub Wauconda

My Dad R O C K S for lots of reasons. He is a really good cook and we cook together-pizza, bbq and gnocchi-and we joke around while he teaches me. Dad is a natural athlete and helps my baseball and basketball coaches by warming up the players and helping at the games. He also teaches me to catch fish and do math-he’s good at those! Just about everyone who hears him (including me) thinks he is the best drummer-so when he is not cooking or working or helping at my sports-he IS ROCKING an audience.

Sophia Slocum from Marengo submitted this wonderful story about her dad Robert and won a generous prize from Vitality Inc., Health for a Lifetime

My dad rocks because he is the perfect authoritative parent! I know that I will always have my opinion heard when it comes to reasoning with my father- such as when I was going to buy my first car. Dad held a family meeting where he went over all the little tips I needed to know, and then asked what I was looking for and gave me the opportunity to speak. But the number one thing about my dad is his loyalty. My church went through some pretty hard times last year, we were literally a month away from closing down. My pastor had left due to childish drama, and many people followed suit. But not my dad, he stayed, he made calls welcoming people back. He wrote the bulletins, he took it on the find a new pastor, and he figured all the finances WHILE receiving no pay. Dad was probably at the church 15-20 hours a week, and now our congregation is growing! I have learned a lesson so valuable that words cannot do it justice because of this example, and my father has set many other indescribable examples that have shaped me into who I am! Thank you Bobbob (his nickname)!

I don’t know about you, but those stories are very touching!  You should all be proud and I know your dad would be reading these.  Thank you all for entering our contest.  Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and Happy Father’s Day everyone!



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