Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 7/1/2013

Oh how the summer flies by… can you believe it’s already July? I hope everyone was able to go visit Wauconda Fest, as always, it was a huge success. Don’t forget Independence Day falls on Thursday this year. Help celebrate this beautiful country with a ton of festivities Wauconda has to offer! There’s an event for everyone in the family, so what are you waiting for?! Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone! Stay safe and have fun 🙂




Things to Do in Wauconda this week

DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio continues their Summer Break Art Camp all this week. This creative camp begins at 9am.

Looking for something fun to do on a Monday night? Stop by at Middleton’s On Main to play Trivia with Mason at 7pm. You’ll be sure to have a great time while sharpening your trivia skills!

On Tuesday in Wauconda, we have Hatha Yoga going on at the Energee Center at 7pm. After a nice relaxing yoga class, sing your heart out at Karaoke going on at Middleton’s On Main at 8pm!

The beautiful Wauconda Fireworks Display will be on Wednesday, July 3rd this year. Fireworks will begin at dusk and be launched at the Wauconda Park District. Visit Golf Farm on Wednesday to have some awesome Fish Fry! This is a great time to stop by since their Friday Fish Fries tend to get very busy. Also on Wednesday, Chef Elizabeth from “From Scratch Cafe” will be at Bliss Wine & Gifts serving up dinner with perfect wine pairings at 5pm. Stop by the Energee Center at 6:30pm for Coffee Tasting by Boresha, this coffee helps you lose weight… find out how! Bring your friends out for a night of FUN with Smarty Pants Trivia at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub Wauconda at 7pm. Smarty Pant’s Trivia is an interactive team trivia game designed to be played by teams of 4 or more people, and usually last 60-90 minutes. Then at 8:30pm jam at an Open Mic session at Middleton’s On Main.

Happy 4th! Have a safe and fabulous holiday everyone!

The popular Friday Fish Fry at the Golf Farm is sure to be packed. Call ahead for reservations!  And if you have shopping in your radar, be sure to check out Aspire Boutique as they’ll be having a Sidewalk Sale July 5th – 7th.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Grand Opening celebration at Bevel Salon & Blow Dry Bar, on Saturday, July 6th at 4:30pm.  Drinks & appetizers will be served.  Park Lane Jewelry, Cupcakes Anonymous, It Works! Slimming Wraps will all be there.  RSVP by calling (847) 865.5427 or message Bevel Salon & Blow Dry Bar on Facebook.

And who doesn’t like a little magic? Bring the kids and come check out Magic Dave at Middleton’s On Main this Sunday at 5pm.

It’s going to be one fun and exciting week Wauconda! How will you be spending your 4th? Will you be with friends or family or both?  Let us know! Remember, the Fireworks Display will be on Wednesday!

Take care,



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Contest Winners “Why My Dad Rocks”


Don’t forget Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th.  We held a contest here in so readers can write about their dad and why they rock.  They also had a chance to win fabulous prizes from Bulldogs Grill, JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda and Vitality Inc., Health for a Lifetime.  Thank you all for entering and we drew names of three lucky winners.  Read their stories below of  “Why My Dad Rocks!”

Charlie from Algonquin said this about his Dad Sidney.  Charlie & Sidney, pick up your special prize courtesy of Bulldogs Grill!

My dad rocks because he makes me laugh so hard everyday. He can’t remember any words to songs so he makes up his own. I sit in the back seat and laugh at him all the time. He laughs at himself. He also does the worst impressions. He thinks they are good though. Like Lilo from lilo and stitch. Or that guy Rocky from the movie. He’s so funny. I’m laughing writing this thinking about him. My dads the best dad!

Ricky Tiesi from Wauconda wrote this about his Dad Rich and won a prize from JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub Wauconda

My Dad R O C K S for lots of reasons. He is a really good cook and we cook together-pizza, bbq and gnocchi-and we joke around while he teaches me. Dad is a natural athlete and helps my baseball and basketball coaches by warming up the players and helping at the games. He also teaches me to catch fish and do math-he’s good at those! Just about everyone who hears him (including me) thinks he is the best drummer-so when he is not cooking or working or helping at my sports-he IS ROCKING an audience.

Sophia Slocum from Marengo submitted this wonderful story about her dad Robert and won a generous prize from Vitality Inc., Health for a Lifetime

My dad rocks because he is the perfect authoritative parent! I know that I will always have my opinion heard when it comes to reasoning with my father- such as when I was going to buy my first car. Dad held a family meeting where he went over all the little tips I needed to know, and then asked what I was looking for and gave me the opportunity to speak. But the number one thing about my dad is his loyalty. My church went through some pretty hard times last year, we were literally a month away from closing down. My pastor had left due to childish drama, and many people followed suit. But not my dad, he stayed, he made calls welcoming people back. He wrote the bulletins, he took it on the find a new pastor, and he figured all the finances WHILE receiving no pay. Dad was probably at the church 15-20 hours a week, and now our congregation is growing! I have learned a lesson so valuable that words cannot do it justice because of this example, and my father has set many other indescribable examples that have shaped me into who I am! Thank you Bobbob (his nickname)!

I don’t know about you, but those stories are very touching!  You should all be proud and I know your dad would be reading these.  Thank you all for entering our contest.  Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and Happy Father’s Day everyone!



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Where in My Town Wauconda 06/12/2013

Here’s another episode of “Where in My Town Wauconda“……can you guess what this is?





If you guessed it’s water with some mint and cucumber slices, then you are right.  It’s a very refreshing drink.  Any idea where you can find it?





If you guessed Bevel Salon & Blow Dry Bar, you are right again!  Have you visited them lately?  Make sure to mark your calendar for their Grand Opening on July 6th!  More information in the days to come so please come and visit us again!!

Thank you all for visiting.  If you have any pictures you want to submit for “Where in My Town Wauconda” please “Contact Us.”




Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 06/10/2013

Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 06/10/2013

Before I list our weekly activities here in Wauconda, I want to remind you that this Sunday, June 16th is Father’s Day!  And if you’re looking for a Father’s Day present, see about entering our Father’s Day Contest, “Why My Dad Rocks” and you can have a chance to WIN wonderful prizes from Bulldogs Grill, JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda and Vitality Inc., Health for a Lifetime.

On with the show…

Things to Do in Wauconda this week —

DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio starts their Summer Break Art Camp this week.  Did you sign up?  Let us know how you like it!

At 7pm, Monday night at Middleton’s on Main, Trivia with Mason test out your trivia skills.

Tuesday in Wauconda, we have Hatha Yoga at 7pm going on at The Energee Center.  And at 8pm you can partake in some fun Karaoke over at Middleton’s on Main.

Mid of the week Wednesday, From Scratch Cafe is serving up dinner over at Bliss Wine and Gifts, then you can head on over to JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda at 7pm, or an Open Mic session over at Middleton’s on Main at 8:30pm.  Oh, and Deacon’s Bar and Grill at the Golf Farm is serving up Fish Fry all day.  This is a good day to go there for Fish Fry, as their Fridays tend to get busy now and you’ll need to call for reservations.

Thursday starts the weekend off in Wauconda.  Who are you kidding?!  All day, everyday in Wauconda is like a weekend!  Have you visited us yet?  Make sure you do.  And tell your friends.  🙂  OK, where were we?  Thursday in Wauconda we have lots going on for your physical being — 9am Chair Yoga or 10:15 am Regular Yoga or Belly Dancing at 7pm at The Energee Center.  Feel like burgers and beers?  We have that going on too over at Bliss Wine and Gifts starting at 5:30pm.  Then make sure to check out “Better with Bacon” over at Middleton’s on Main which starts at 8:30pm.

Friday, we have live musical entertainment either at JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda to see John Lambert at 7:30pm or Mike Novello at Middleton’s on Main at 9pm.  And just in case you missed Fish Fry Wednesday at Deacon’s Bar and Grill at the Golf Farm they will have more on Fridays – but make sure to call in for reservations.

Saturday, we have the Indoor Farmer’s Market starting at 8am over at The Energee Center.  You can pick up fresh produce, breads and fresh organic meats from Wallace Farms.  By the way, Wallace Farms food need to be pre-ordered a week ahead of time.  Then if more live musical entertainment is what you’re after, head back out to JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub Wauconda to listen to Krystal Kooke at 7:30pm.  Middleton’s on Main is also having Apuli Brothers at 9pm.  Just in case I haven’t told you yet, Wauconda is known for its musical talents!

Let’s end the week with some Spiritual Healing over at The Energee Center, 9:30am is when it starts.  Then later in the day, do something magical and head on over  at Middleton’s on Main to see “Magic Dave” performance starting at 5pm.  Bring the kids!

Well, there you have your week at a glance.  Let us know if we’re going to see you…








Father’s Day Contest, “Why My Dad Rocks”

Father’s Day Contest, “Why My Dad Rocks”

Remember Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th and we want to celebrate here in by hosting a contest to celebrate the special DADS in our lives. Entering is simple. And anyone can enter!


“Father’s Day Contest” Rules:

All you have to do is fill out the form below and tell us, “Why My Dad Rocks”….. That’s your DAD!  🙂  There are no right or wrong answers.  Just tell us why you think your Dad rocks!  Perhaps he’s a great provider,  yet he does his fair share of keeping the house clean, he plays ball with you every weekend or takes you hiking or fishing or maybe you can talk to him about current events and also appreciate his great advice, whatever it may be that makes your Dad rock, we’d love to hear about it.

Check out our Prizes:

We will pick 3 winners to win one of the prizes offered by our local merchants from:


Winner(s) will be announced here on Friday, June14th.

This will give you enough time to visit our local merchants and redeem your prize just in time to give to your Dad for Father’s Day or simply enjoy for yourself.

Ready? Just tell us why your Dad rocks and we will feature your answer here on our website. Thank you for playing along and Good luck!


Entry Form for “Why My Dad Rocks”, Mother’s Day Contest:





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Jason Coroneos – COUNTRY Financial

Jason Coroneos – COUNTRY Financial

Achieve Financial Security

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, being financially stable is something that we all desire.  We all want to achieve financial security and have a certain amount of resources available in order to be able to support a certain standard of living now and the foreseeable future.

But how do we achieve financial security?


People to Meet in Wauconda

Meet Jason Coroneos with Country Financial (Wauconda)


Jason Coroneos, is a Financial Representative of Country Financial here in Wauconda, located at 218 S. Main.  Jason moved his office here in Wauconda from Round Lake as of March 1, 2013 and started with Country Financial back in 2005.

When I asked Jason why Country Financial?

I started working for COUNTRY Financial because I realized that COUNTRY and I have a lot in common. COUNTRY fits my work ethic and helps by providing me with all the tools I need to create customized solutions for each of my clients.

I pride myself on working hard to provide the best possible service to my clients. Being able to help people is a central part of my life, and I’m happy I can be of service to my clients and community. I also enjoy meeting new people and building one-on-one relationships. Open and honest discussions are an easy way for my clients and me to connect and ultimately help them secure their financial security goals.


Jason’s specialties include:

  • Annuities
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Disability Income
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Retirement Planning


Complimentary Insurance and Financial Review

Jason can help secure your future with a complimentary insurance and financial review.

Unless you’re an expert in every aspect of your financial affairs, there may well be gaps and weaknesses in your long-term plans for financial security.

Put simply, what you don’t know or understand about your financial affairs can end up hurting you and your family.

That’s why it makes sense to sit down with me and complete your confidential insurance and financial review. With the right help, almost any family can achieve financial security.


In-Depth Financial Review With A Trained Financial Expert

Is meeting with Jason the right step for YOU right now?

Some people feel their financial affairs are in pretty good shape, and wonder whether it is worth their time to meet with me. Others feel that their situation is in a bit of a “mess”, and hesitate to share their information with anyone outside their family.

Either way, there is nothing to lose by sitting down with a trained financial expert for a confidential, in-depth financial review – whether you have met with me before or not.

Your meeting with me could prove to be the smartest thing you ever do to ensure your family’s financial security.


Team of Financial Experts

Backed by a team of financial experts!

When you work with me, you get a one-on-one relationship and the added support of a team of financial experts.  I get to know you and your family, and can clearly communicate your needs while working with a team of specialists to prepare a plan that meets your financial goals.

Essentially, you get personal service and the comprehensive professional expertise you need to prepare for whatever the future brings your way.



COUNTRY Financial – Jason Coroneos Agency

218 S. Main Street Unit 1 Wauconda, IL 60084

Office — 847-865-5425

Cell — 847-445-2208

Office Hours:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday.  Evening and Weekend Hours are available by appointment.


Website:  Jason Coroneos – Country Financial Wauconda IL

Connect with Jason on Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn


* Contact Jason Coroneos for a complimentary insurance and financial review today.  And tell them “My  Town Wauconda” sent you!


Terms and Conditions Property / Casualty policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company® or COUNTRY Preferred Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. Life/Disability Income/Long Term Care policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® or COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. Availability and amount of coverages and discounts vary by state. Information contained here is not a statement of coverage. For more information view our full terms and conditions:


Jason Coroneos – COUNTRY Financial

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Jason Coroneos – COUNTRY Financial 42.259342, -88.140167 Helping people achieve their own levels of financial security and achieve their dreams for the future.  Specialties include: Annuities, Auto, Commercial, Disability Income, Health, Home, Life, Long Term Care, Retirement Planning.