Proud to Call Wauconda My Home

From Atlanta to Wauconda

Just about 9 years ago, my family was relocating to the Northwest suburbs from Atlanta.  Having lived in the area several years before, we had remembered hearing that Wauconda was a nice community….small town feel, great place to raise a family, etc… we decided to check it out.  I will never forget the first time I drove through town and the overwhelming feeling that I had found our new home.  It seemed to have everything we were looking for…..a  thriving  Main Street, all of the day to day conveniences all in one place, a school district we felt comfortable with, affordable homes, an active park district, and access to a major artery for commuting to larger villages and work.  It didn’t take long to find the perfect house in a beautiful neighborhood…..



Loving a Thriving Community — Wauconda

And now 9 years later, it has only gotten better and better.  Since moving here in 2004, we have been so fortunate to be a part of a fabulous community and have seen it blossom.  New businesses opening, old businesses being revitalized, student performance  improving year after year….and having become part of the community, we have been so impressed with the level of involvement from residents who truly love the town, businesses who work together to help each other succeed, a local government that is passionate about the growth and well  being of the city.  My family has relocated many times over the last 25 years, having lived in other states and other suburbs of Chicago, and we absolutely believe we have found where we belong.


Call Wauconda Your Home

If you are looking for a new place to call home, it would be worth your time to take a look at Wauconda.  Just a walk down Main Street will tell you a lot.  You will find great places to eat, taste wine, shop, sip a latte, enjoy live music, even get a haircut at an old fashioned barber shop…..not to mention the many enjoyable festivals throughout the year.  A few steps away is Bangs Lake, where on any summer day you will see boaters, fisherman, and kayakers….and plenty of ice fishing in the winter.  Check out our many residential areas, where you will find affordable homes which include lake side neighborhoods, planned developments, custom homes…something for every lifestyle and budget.

I am proud to call Wauconda my home….

Bangs Lake Properties in Wauconda

Bangs Lake Properties

As of today, there are about 15 homes listed that are either on the shore of Bangs Lake, with a view of the lake, within walking distance of the lake, or at the least, have water rights on Bangs Lake.  On the lower end, small cottages are available for as low as $79,000, and on the higher end, there is a luxury 4 bedroom home backing right up to the lake for under $400,000…truly something for everyone.


What Bangs Lake Has to Offer

Bangs Lake has so much to offer, thus attracting many water enthusiasts, from full time residents to Chicago weekenders, to summer cottage dwellers.  On any given summer day, you will see everything on the lake….morning fisherman, kayakers, and stand up paddle boarders, afternoon water skiers, jet skiers, and families on pontoons, and sunset watchers in the evening.


Dock’s Bar & Grill, Lindy’s Landing and Wauconda Boat

Fun can always be had at Lindy’s Landing and Dock’s Bar & Grill.  Water craft services are available at Wauconda Boat. With prices and interest rates at low, great value levels, there is no better time than now to make that lake property investment.


Buy a Home Near Bangs Lake in Wauconda!

With Spring and Summer around the corner, are thoughts of spending time on or near the water crossing your mind?  Have you ever considered buying a home on or near the Lake?  If so, Wauconda may be the place for you.


Bangs Lake Wauconda

Photo Credit: Old Victorian Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

Wauconda Homes Average Sales January 2013

Wauconda Homes Average Sales January 2013

Wauconda Homes Average Sales January 2013

National and State Real Estate news out there isn’t always reflective of local markets.  Thought this may provide a quick snapshot of what has been happening in our Wauconda market over the last 12 months.


Why Live in Wauconda?

221 residential properties  have closed since this time last year in Wauconda.

Broken down into price ranges, 72 properties sold for under $100,000, 71% of which were either foreclosures or short sales.

In the $100,000-$200,000 bracket, 68 homes sold with 38% being foreclosures or short sales, and for the 48 listings in the $200,000-$300,000 range, the percentage drops to 25%.

33 homes sold for over $300,000, none of which were foreclosures or short sales, with the market topping out at $470,000.

Total sales for 2012 were up 36% over 2011, with prices fairly steady overall.

As of today, January 23, 2013, 39 closings are pending and 128 residential properties are listed for sale ranging from $40,888 up to $987,000.

Consider the Stats


Wauconda Home Average Sales January 2013

Wauconda Home Average Sales January 2013


Make that Move to Wauconda ~ Invest in Wauconda!

Mortgage rates are still low, and properties are being offered at great value prices…if you’ve been thinking about making a move or an investment, now is the time.  Make that move to Wauconda.  Invest in Wauconda!