Where in My Town Wauconda 04/17/2013

Where in My Town Wauconda 04/17/2013

We like to play “Where in My Town Wauconda” where we take a photo of an object that was spotted around Wauconda.  Then people can guess what it is and where it can be seen.  Here’s one that was spotted while we’re out and about one of our favorite hang-outs.  Can anyone guess where in My Town Wauconda this was spotted?




Answer is:

Bliss Wine and Gifts!  It’s Alfred’s bow tie!  Alfred gets dressed up at Bliss to reflect any occasion or events we celebrate in Wauconda.





Bliss Wine offers free wine tasting daily with beer tasting also available on Thursdays with meal accompaniment from Bulldogs Grill.  They also serve appetizers, specialty dinners on Wednesdays and Sunday brunch offered by From Scratch Cafe.  Also expect some live entertainment, shop for gift items, attend some art, cooking and wine classes, and rent the Vineyard room for special events.

Make sure to stop by and check out Alfred at Bliss Wine and Gifts and tell them we said hello!




Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 04/15/2013

Now that it’s getting warmer, well supposedly anyway, we have more “Spring like” activities here in Wauconda.  Make a note of these things to do in Wauconda this coming week.


Spring Fever Coloring Contest going on at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda, all week, all day starting at 11am.  Dine-in with the kids and  they can enter JJ Twigs’ Spring Fever Coloring Contest!  5 Lucky Winners will WIN a Brand New BIKE!!! Entry Deadline is April 30!!


School Pizza Night at JJTwigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda.  Go to JJ Twigs anytime from April 15 – April 21, 2013 for SCHOOL PIZZA NIGHT!  For each flyer returned to JJ Twigs on the above dates, they will donate 10% of total sales back to Wauconda Middle School.

*Flyer available JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub – Wauconda website.


Play trivia with Mason at Middleton’s on Main, Monday at 8pm.


Smarty Pants trivia at JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub – Wauconda, Wednesday at 7pm.


Open Mic at Middleton’s on Main, Wednesday at 8pm.


Beer Tasting at Bliss Wine and Gifts, Thursday at 5:30pm.


Fish Fry at Deacon’s Bar and Grill at the Golf Farm, Friday.


The L&M Experience at JJ Twigs Pizza and Pub – Wauconda, Saturday at 8pm.


Enjoy the week Wauconda!




Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 04/01/2013

Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 04/01/2013

Hope you all had a fabulous Spring Break and Easter!  Hopefully Spring is really near.  Nice and sunny today, but it’s still quite chilly.  I went for a walk and I nearly froze my ears off.  Oh well, don’t despair, here in Wauconda, regardless of the weather, we still find a lot of fun things to do.  Don’t you agree?


Following is a List of Things to Do in Wauconda the Week of April 1st


Every Monday, is Trivia night at Middleton’s on Main.  Enjoy some dinner and/or drinks at Middleton’s while you play trivia games.  Bring your friends.  There are prizes awarded to the winner!  Fun starts at 8pm.

Not much happens in Wauconda on Tuesdays…..not sure why?!

Wednesday picks up again, with another Trivia night but this time at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda.  Starting at 7pm, you can test your skills and show them who the Smarty Pants of them all, thus the name of the game is “Smarty Pants Team Trivia.”  So grab your friends and play along.  Yes, there are prizes too!

Then maybe afterwards, you can swing by Middleton’s on Main for an Open Mic entertainment.  All skill level are invited to participate.  It’s a fun night at Middleton’s.  Sign up at 8pm.

Don’t feel like making dinner tonight?  Want to be entertained?  Fancy some beers?  Then head on over to Bliss Wine and Gifts for their weekly Beer Tasting & Burger Night.  Musical entertainment will be present too.  Just call Bliss to see who’s playing.

Of course the delectable Fish Fry at Golf Farm every Friday is not to be missed.  It’s all you can eat for $9.95; served all day.  Tell Deacon we sent you!

Every first Saturday of the month is marked by an “Artist Reception” at Bliss Wine and Gifts.  This Saturday, the following artists will be there:  Nancy Bermann, Michelle Nellis, Brandie Dunn and Peggy Hoover.  Lindy’s Landing Sushi Chef will be serving up sushi and of course, Bliss Wine will have lovely red or white wine pairings.

The end of the week is Craftstravaganza Sunday at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda.  From 11am to 9pm, you can enjoy lunch or dinner while your kids get creative at JJ Twigs.  Art supplies are provided with varied art projects each month.


These are just some of the events that are provided by some of the Community Members here at NWSuburbsChicago.com.  If you’d like your events listed with us, please consider becoming a Community Member.  For details, please contact us, we would love to have you with us!


Enjoy the week Wauconda!




Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Proud to Call Wauconda My Home

From Atlanta to Wauconda

Just about 9 years ago, my family was relocating to the Northwest suburbs from Atlanta.  Having lived in the area several years before, we had remembered hearing that Wauconda was a nice community….small town feel, great place to raise a family, etc…..so we decided to check it out.  I will never forget the first time I drove through town and the overwhelming feeling that I had found our new home.  It seemed to have everything we were looking for…..a  thriving  Main Street, all of the day to day conveniences all in one place, a school district we felt comfortable with, affordable homes, an active park district, and access to a major artery for commuting to larger villages and work.  It didn’t take long to find the perfect house in a beautiful neighborhood…..



Loving a Thriving Community — Wauconda

And now 9 years later, it has only gotten better and better.  Since moving here in 2004, we have been so fortunate to be a part of a fabulous community and have seen it blossom.  New businesses opening, old businesses being revitalized, student performance  improving year after year….and having become part of the community, we have been so impressed with the level of involvement from residents who truly love the town, businesses who work together to help each other succeed, a local government that is passionate about the growth and well  being of the city.  My family has relocated many times over the last 25 years, having lived in other states and other suburbs of Chicago, and we absolutely believe we have found where we belong.


Call Wauconda Your Home

If you are looking for a new place to call home, it would be worth your time to take a look at Wauconda.  Just a walk down Main Street will tell you a lot.  You will find great places to eat, taste wine, shop, sip a latte, enjoy live music, even get a haircut at an old fashioned barber shop…..not to mention the many enjoyable festivals throughout the year.  A few steps away is Bangs Lake, where on any summer day you will see boaters, fisherman, and kayakers….and plenty of ice fishing in the winter.  Check out our many residential areas, where you will find affordable homes which include lake side neighborhoods, planned developments, custom homes…something for every lifestyle and budget.

I am proud to call Wauconda my home….

Things to Do in Wauconda During Spring Break

It’s Spring Break and we have lots of fun things to do in Wauconda this week!

Grab your calendar and mark these dates down…


Spring Break ART Camp

What?!  You’re not out of town and you have the kids at home?  Have no fear, have them attend Spring Break ART Camp at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique Art Studio.

Spring Break ART Camp is filled with fun and creative art and craft projects to keep your kids busy and entertained!  This exciting program is geared to let your child explore their inner creativity, yet guided by a professional art instructor to teach new skills and techniques. Sign up with friends or meet new kids that also have a love for the arts. Choose between a morning session, afternoon session, or bring a lunch and stay all day!

9:00am – 12:00pm
12:00pm – 3:00pm
9:00am – 3:00pm

Cost is $30 per session
$140 for a week of Half Day
Ask about our specials!
15% off for siblings

Play Trivia with Mason

Test your skills, grab your friends and compete amongst the crowd. Full menu, bar is open, just show up and have fun! Play trivia with Mason and win a prize!  Trivia starts at 8pm at Middleton’s on Main.


Smarty Pants Team Trivia

Bring your friends out for a night of FUN with Smarty Pants Trivia at JJTwigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda.  Smarty Pant’s Trivia is an interactive team trivia game designed to be played by teams of 4 or more people. It is 16 categories long and lasts between 90 & 120 minutes.  Prizes awarded to the Smarty Pants!  Trivia starts at 7pm.


Open Mic

Featured weekly at Middleton’s on Main is Open Mic. So if you think you can sing, head on over to Middleton’s on Main. Sign up for Open Mic starts at 8:30 pm.


Beer Tasting

Great beer line up at Bliss Wine and Gifts beer tasting, gourmet burger cuisine by Bulldogs Grill and live musical entertainment which varies weekly.  See you there at 6pm.


The L&M Experience

The L&M Experience BACK at JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub – Wauconda at 7:30pm to 10:30pm! Find out more about the L&M Experience on Facebook.


Jon Rand

Jon Rand performing acoustic at JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub – Wauconda from 8:30pm to 11pm.


Spiritual Mastery Study Group with Rev. Patty Pipia

This study group is for the spiritually strong that desire to walk and exemplify the teachings of the Master Teacher.

During each Study Group, Reverend Patty will give a deep meditation & a reflective talk on the lesson to start up the discussion. This is not just material you read and move on to the next book, but something that must be studied so your life can be transformed into the expression that knocks at the doorway of your soul!

Each lesson is a stepping stone that will bring you into wakefulness from illusion to REALTY, from fear to LOVE. If you want to know how to step out of your fear and walk only in Divine Love, this IS the study group for you!

Session is held at the Energee Center from 9am to 11:30am.


Craftstravaganza Sunday

Crafstravaganza Sunday at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda from 11am to 9pm. Come out for lunch or dinner and let the kids get creative! Craft will be available for kinds 12 and under.


Hope to see you in Wauconda!



Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 03/18/2013

Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 03/18/2013

Following is a list of fun things to do in Wauconda the week of March 18, 2013.


What’s Happening in Wauconda

Play Trivia with Mason – Monday, March 18th

Middleton’s on Main is hosting a pub trivia game starting at 8pm.  Grab your friends, enjoy a full menu and complete bar offerings while you play trivia with Mason.  Prize awarded to winners!

Sake Tasting Class – Tuesday, March 19th

Bliss Wine and Gifts will be conducting a sake tasting class, with sushi being served by Lindy’s Landing Sushi Chef.  Class starts at 6pm.  This is a pre-registered class, so make sure to call and contact Bliss Wine and Gifts for details.

Smarty Pants Trivia – Wednesday, March 20th

JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda is hosting a pub trivia game starting at 7pm.  Smarty Pant’s Trivia is an interactive team trivia game designed to be played by teams of 4 or more people. It is 16 categories long and lasts between 90 & 120 minutes. Categories include sports, movies, music, food, cars and TV. There are also 2 physical challenges a scavenger hunt and weekly prizes!!

Open Mic – Wednesday, March 20th

So you think you can sing or play an instrument?  Head on over to Middleton’s on Main for their weekly Open Mic session.  Sign up for Open Mic starts at 8:30-pm.

Beer Tasting and Burgers and Live Entertainment – Thursday, March 21st

Great beer tasting line up , coupled with gourmet burger cuisine by Bulldogs Grill and live musical entertainment?  What else could one ask for?  Head on over to Bliss Wine and Gifts and make a date out of it!  All start at 5:30pm.

Live Entertainment by John Lambert – Friday, March 22nd

Start the weekend with John Lambert performing acoustic at JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub – Wauconda this Friday.  Entertainment starts at 7pm.

“Truth About Cholesterol and Why We Need It” class – Saturday, March 23rd

For the health conscious, Linda DeFever of Vitality Inc. will be conducting a class at Wauconda Citizen’s Center on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm.  Please arrive promptly and feel free to bring a snack.

Live Musical Entertainment by Heather Moran – Saturday, March 23rd

Heather Moran will be at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda on Saturday from 7-11pm.

Spiritual Mastery Study Group with Rev. Patty Pipia – Sunday, March 24th

Do you want to move from being on the spiritual path, to being and walking on the path of the mystic? Then you must attend this!  Starts at 9:30am to 11am at the Energee Center.

Craftstravaganza Sunday – March 25th

From 11am to 9:30pm, your kids can get creative at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda. So come for lunch and dinner and have the kids be entertained with varied monthly projects.


Hope to see all of you at one or all of these events.  We strongly recommend that you contact the place of venue in case of any cancellation or changes.