Letters to Santa

The Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012 featured lots of fun activities for everyone young and younger!  There were face painting, gingerbread house decorating contest, tree decorating contest, letters to Santa, scavenger hunt, sleigh ride, snowflake lighting ceremony, a visit with Santa and Mrs. Clause and much more. The event drew in a large crowd once again, much like the Trick or Treat on Main did, and many of the Wauconda businesses participated in this event also.

Deby Dato, a Wauconda native shared with us a few samplings of Letters to Santa. Following are some of these letters and I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face as it did mine.

Letters to Santa Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012

Wauconda Holiday Walk on Main 2012/Letters to Santa

Here’s one from William, age 10 on why he should get presents — Why I should get presents.  Is because when my mom had a heart attack I help around the house.  When my grandma fell down I was good and cleaned her apartment with my family.  And when my dad cleans I help him with the dishes and the floor.  And that why I shold get preasnts.

Ella, age 6 is certainly a good little helper.  Here is what she says — I help my sister clean her stuff.  Sometimes I help my brother do stuff.  I help my mom do the dishes because she cooks for us.  I take my friends to the nurse at school when they have a headache.  When my teacher drops stuff I help her by picking it up.  At recess at school, if my friends get hurt I help them because it makes me sad so I help them.

A nice boy named Noah, age 3 says, — I am a nice boy at school.  I don’t hit other kids and I’m not mean to other kids.  I bought pajamas for other kids who don’t have them to make them happy.  I help mommy clean out dishes.  I’m so nice to friends when they come to our house.  I don’t push or spit or push or hit.  I share my toys with other kids.

And we have 5 year old Logan’s undivided attention — At baseball a friend told a girl on our team that she was bad at hitting.  I said to my friend that was not nice.  I feed our dog.

Looks like Kaylee, age 9 has it all figured out — If my friends are sad I give them a treat.  I clean my room.  I set the table.  I clean the house with my mom.  I help my friends if they are sad.  If people in my class talk i be quiet.  I be respectful, safe, and responsible.  I respect my teacher family and friend stuff.  I say please and thankyou to my friends and family.  I work hard and never give up.  Merry christmas.

Here’s what polite Brianna, age 9 had to say — I be quet in line when all my classmates are talking.  I ask nicely for people to be quet.  I sal please and thank you.  I help people.  I am kind and I will never ever lie.  I always complement people.  I make new friends almost every chance I get.  I pay attenshion in class.  I don’t judge people of how they look and I share.  have a nice day, bye!


Now it’s Deby’s turn.

I grew up in Wauconda as did my parents and we go back a long way.  I’ve been married to my husband David (who is the fire chief in Wauconda) for 27 years. I’m currently an at home domestic engineer (LOL) which leaves me time to be involved in my community.  I worked in the medical field for 20 years and then worked as a Director of a Preschool/Daycare in Island Lake for 10 years. I’ve been on the Board of Education for Wauconda School Dist. 118 for 16 years and I’ll be running for re-election in April 2013.  I’m also in the Wauconda Lions Club and I was the first female to join the club approximately 10 years ago.  I help in the Wauconda schools with PTO events, help do fundraisers for my son’s hockey team at Carmel Catholic High School and I think that’s about it.  Needless to say, I love to help my community in any way I can.  Wauconda is very dear to my heart as well as my husbands heart as he grew up here as well.  We started dating the end of my senior year of high school and have been together ever since (32 years).


And now it’s your turn. Did you go to Wauconda’s Holiday Walk on Main last week? What did you think of it? What did you like most about it? Share with us your thoughts on it. Wauconda would like to know.

My Town Wauconda Fan of The Month Winner

My Town Wauconda Fan of The Month Winner

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda on Facebook

My Town Wauconda is a Facebook Page created to help connect the residents and businesses of Wauconda together…..SOCIALLY. It is meant to bring about an awareness for all the beautiful things Wauconda has to offer, from all the exciting events or causes to services being offered by the businesses of Wauconda and its nearby communities.

The page also serves as a tool for the businesses of Wauconda to use as a guide to reach out to their potential customers by emulating how social media is done correctly.

My Town Wauconda and Its Demographics

Since the page was created back in April 2012, its fan base has had steady growth with a current fan count of 616.  It has expanded to 20 communities including Chicago.  The fans consist of residence, business owners,  community volunteers, advocates, customers, homeowners, neighbors, friends, professionals and students.  They are heavily engaged and are avid supporters of the Wauconda community.

My Town Wauconda Facebook page offers something for everyone with varied post strategies that are sure to attract any fans no matter what age, sex or demographic location, fans are liking, sharing and of course commenting on our posts.

My Town Wauconda Demographics November 2012

My Town Wauconda Demographics as of November 2012


One of the things we feature on our My Town Wauconda page is our Top 5 Weekly Fans.  They are recognized as such for the numbers of likes, shares and comments they make on our page.  And I’m sure you will agree that this sort of activity on a page, makes for a very fun and lively environment.

So without further delay, here are the My Town Wauconda fans being recognized for all the fun activity that they share on our page and beyond…

My Town Wauconda Fan of the Week Honorable Mentions are:

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These fans are frequent engagers on our My Town Wauconda page.  They’re always sharing valuable content and are very passionate about everything Wauconda.  Their names were all entered in a hat for a chance to win a special surprise.  Keep reading to see who won and what she won!

The WINNER of My Town Wauconda Fan of The Month is:

JoAnn Aronds Freeman

Please join me in congratulating JoAnn!  Her name was pulled out of a hat and she won a T-shirt with our brand new logo.  Congratulations JoAnn!!!  Hope you will wear this T-shirt with pride.  🙂

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

My Town Wauconda Tshirts

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Holiday Walk on Main ~ Wauconda

Remember not too long ago, we had a Trick or Treat on Main here in Wauconda?  Well, this coming weekend, we will have our annual Holiday Walk on Main event.  Make sure to mark your calendar for another fun event going on in Wauconda, this Saturday, December 1st from 2pm to 6pm.

There will be face painting, gingerbread house decorating contest, tree decorating contest, letters to Santa, scavenger hunt, sleigh ride, snowflake lighting ceremony, a visit with Santa and Mrs. Clause and much more.  Oh, and did we mention this event is FREE?

Come out and spend the afternoon with us.  This will be a great time for kids and grown ups too!  And make sure to bring your camera!  There will be many photo opportunities.

Now we turn it over to you.  Let us know if you are planning on attending the Holiday Walk on Main this weekend in Wauconda.  If you’ve attended in the past, do you have any suggestions or hints about any of the contest above?  Hmmmm?  Just kidding, please do share with us any fond memories you may have about this event.  Thank you!  We hope to see you there.

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Say hello to Santa ~ Holiday Walk on Main {image credit: Wauconda-il.gov}


Things to Do in Wauconda During Thanksgiving Week

What a gorgeous day it is in Wauconda today. It’s unseasonably warm and it’s hard to think that next week is already Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! And speaking of fun, Wauconda sure knows how to put together some fun things to do, and Thanksgiving week is no exception.

Here’s a list of Things to do in Wauconda during the week of Thanksgiving. Let us know which one, or two, you’re planning to attend.


My Town Wauconda Things To Do

Visit Wauconda Thanksgiving Week


November 19th – 6pm to 9pm. – Cabernet Monet at Bliss Wine & Gifts. Do you like art? Do you like wine? Here’s your chance to have both and create a masterpiece taught by a local professional artist. Grab your friends, make it a date night, or just come out for some relaxing time and bring home an art piece! Class fee is $35. Contact Bliss Wine & Gifts to reserve your spot.

November 20th – 6pm to 8pm. – The Night Before Turkey Eve at Aspire Boutique. The girls at Aspire Boutique are hosting a two hour night of shopping, sippin’ and stuffin’. Stuff what?! Bring in non-perishable items and we’ll stuff them in a huge bag to bring over to the Wauconda Food Pantry. And talk about an event that keeps on giving….Aspire Boutique will give you 15% OFF one item you purchase at their store as a thank you for bringing in items for the Wauconda Food Pantry. AND if you head on over to Bliss Wine & Gifts, and show them your Aspire Boutique bag, Bliss Wine & Gifts will give you 10% OFF your purchase there. Don’t you just love Wauconda shop’s generosity? Make sure to contact Aspire Boutique to let them know you’ll be there!

November 21st – 5pm to 10pm – Get Nuts on Main. Bliss Wine & Gifts along with Bulldogs Grill are teaming up once again for the biggest party of the year! Beer, wine, burgers and of course nuts, are being offered under a big heated tent with live entertainment by Dog 1 and the Josh Skaja Band. Admission fee is $10 with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Main Street Attraction. And if you register for the Wauconda Trot at the same time, you will receive 25% off your admission. Call (847) 526-7133 for tickets!

November 21st – 6pm to 8pm – Community Thanksgiving Eve Dinner and Service. Messiah Lutheran Church is hosting a Community Thanksgiving Eve Dinner and Service. Families of need are invited to to enjoy a free dinner.  Dinner is at 6:00 pm and the Thanksgiving church service is 7:00 pm.

November 21st – 9pm to 11:30pm – Black Wednesday Extravaganza at Lindy’s Landing. Drinks special and entertainment by The Belvederes. Nice to have options down Main Street, Wauconda.

November 22nd – 9am – Turkey Trot 2012 on Main Street Wauconda. This is the 2nd annual 4 mile run around Bang’s Lake or you also have the option to do a more relaxed 2 mile trot down Main Street. There will be turkey trophies, T-shits and goodie bags as well as a costume contest! This is a fun time for all ages. Pre-registration fee for the 4 mile run is $20 or $25 the day of the race, the 2 mile run is $15. Tickets available for purchase at Bliss Wine & Gifts and Bulldogs Grill.

November 24th – ALL DAY – Small Business Saturday. This day is celebrated to honor small businesses! Shop local, shop Wauconda!

November 24th – 7:45am to 8:45am – Burst for Men.  The Relationship Center is gathering to rejoice in prayer and worship for marriages.  Contact Mike Siri at (847) 337-1659 for more information.

November 24th – 6pm to 9pm – Bulldog Nation Foundation. Bliss Wine & Gifts is hosting an Art Show and Wine Tasting to help provide assistance to teachers for the enhancement of innovation in Wauconda High School classrooms. It’ll be a night of wine tasting, food tasting and art show. Grab your date, grab your friends, come out and enjoy some food, wine and arts and support Wauconda High School teachers and students. Tickets cost $30 and are limited. 10% of any purchase at Bliss Wine & Gifts will go towards the Bulldog Nation Foundation.

So there you have it. Thanksgiving Weekend at a glance of things to do in Wauconda. Let the shops of Wauconda know we sent you and make sure to say “hello!

If you have any event you’d like to share with the people who live, work and play in Wauconda, please complete the form and list on calendar of events.

So what do you think? Don’t we, in Wauconda, know how to have fun or what? Let us know which of these events look fun to you and which of them you’ll most likely to attend.

Another way to be in the know is check out our My Town Wauconda page on Facebook.

My Town Wauconda

Bulldog Nation Foundation ~ Wauconda, IL

The Bulldog Nation Foundation, a financial resource created to provide assistance to teachers for the enhancement of innovation in Wauconda High School classrooms, is hosting a Wine Tasting and Art Show At Bliss Wine & Gifts.

This is not only a fun time to meet and mingle with friends and get to try 5 different wines and 5 tasty hors d’oeuvres but you also get to enjoy a fantastic art show.  Most importantly, you will be helping out a great cause of providing financial assistance to teachers for the improvement of the classroom for the students of the Wauconda High School.

Limited tickets available, so please purchase your tickets today!  10% of any purchase at Bliss Wine goes to the foundation.

Feel free to download more information here -> Bulldog Nation Foundation
Bulldog Nation Foundation

Bulldog Nation Foundation Wine Tasting and Art Show                  November 24, 2012 – 6 to 9pm.

Go Trick or Treat on Main ~ Wauconda, IL


Trick or Treat on Main Scary Goblins My Town Wauconda

Trick or Treat on Main Scary Goblins

Looking for something to do for a pre-Halloween weekend in the NW Suburbs Chicago area?  Go Trick or Treat on Main, Wauconda IL!  We held a FREE Trick or Treat event on Main Street, Wauconda IL, Sunday, October 28th from 3-6pm.  It was our first event to host something like this and it turned up a huge audience!  There were at least 1000 people there.  I took some photos, and caught one car with a license plate from Kentucky!

The Trick or Treat on Main was an event for everyone in the family, including pets!  Check out the following list of featured attractions that were offered below.

The event featured:

  • Pet Costume Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Spooky Stories
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • FREE Shuttle to and from the event
  • And did I mention it was a FREE event?

The streets were filled with children in halloween costumes, dogs in halloween costumes, and yes, some of the parents were dressed in their halloween costumes too.  It was a very fun event.  I posted about Trick or Treat on Main on Facebook and read what the community had to say about it.

And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the businesses of Wauconda.  The Trick or Treat on Main was sponsored by the following businesses:

  • Middleton’s on Main
  • Bulldog’s Grill
  • Bliss Wine & Gifts
  • Aspire Boutique
  • Metlife
  • Honey Hill Coffee
  • Village Inn
  • Mitchell’s Studio
  • Dreamscapes Whimsical
  • PS Flowers & Balloons
  • Pets & Things
  • Ja’nnell Desizn
  • The Relationship Center
  • Vitality, Inc.
  • Strawberry Moon
  • Main Street Outfitter
  • At The Green Bench
  • JJ Twigs Pizza
  • Ryan and Company, Realtors, Inc.

Check out some of the photos I took at today’s event.  Let’s give the people and businesses of Wauconda a big round of applause.  They all did a fantastic job of putting together this event.  How about you?  Did you get to attend Trick or Treat on Main?  Does your community offer something like this for all the family to partake in during the Halloween weekend?  Let us know your thoughts?