Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 03/18/2013

Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 03/18/2013

Following is a list of fun things to do in Wauconda the week of March 18, 2013.


What’s Happening in Wauconda

Play Trivia with Mason – Monday, March 18th

Middleton’s on Main is hosting a pub trivia game starting at 8pm.  Grab your friends, enjoy a full menu and complete bar offerings while you play trivia with Mason.  Prize awarded to winners!

Sake Tasting Class – Tuesday, March 19th

Bliss Wine and Gifts will be conducting a sake tasting class, with sushi being served by Lindy’s Landing Sushi Chef.  Class starts at 6pm.  This is a pre-registered class, so make sure to call and contact Bliss Wine and Gifts for details.

Smarty Pants Trivia – Wednesday, March 20th

JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda is hosting a pub trivia game starting at 7pm.  Smarty Pant’s Trivia is an interactive team trivia game designed to be played by teams of 4 or more people. It is 16 categories long and lasts between 90 & 120 minutes. Categories include sports, movies, music, food, cars and TV. There are also 2 physical challenges a scavenger hunt and weekly prizes!!

Open Mic – Wednesday, March 20th

So you think you can sing or play an instrument?  Head on over to Middleton’s on Main for their weekly Open Mic session.  Sign up for Open Mic starts at 8:30-pm.

Beer Tasting and Burgers and Live Entertainment – Thursday, March 21st

Great beer tasting line up , coupled with gourmet burger cuisine by Bulldogs Grill and live musical entertainment?  What else could one ask for?  Head on over to Bliss Wine and Gifts and make a date out of it!  All start at 5:30pm.

Live Entertainment by John Lambert – Friday, March 22nd

Start the weekend with John Lambert performing acoustic at JJ Twig’s Pizza & Pub – Wauconda this Friday.  Entertainment starts at 7pm.

“Truth About Cholesterol and Why We Need It” class – Saturday, March 23rd

For the health conscious, Linda DeFever of Vitality Inc. will be conducting a class at Wauconda Citizen’s Center on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm.  Please arrive promptly and feel free to bring a snack.

Live Musical Entertainment by Heather Moran – Saturday, March 23rd

Heather Moran will be at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda on Saturday from 7-11pm.

Spiritual Mastery Study Group with Rev. Patty Pipia – Sunday, March 24th

Do you want to move from being on the spiritual path, to being and walking on the path of the mystic? Then you must attend this!  Starts at 9:30am to 11am at the Energee Center.

Craftstravaganza Sunday – March 25th

From 11am to 9:30pm, your kids can get creative at JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda. So come for lunch and dinner and have the kids be entertained with varied monthly projects.


Hope to see all of you at one or all of these events.  We strongly recommend that you contact the place of venue in case of any cancellation or changes.


Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 03/04/2013

March is going to be packed full of fun here in Wauconda!  Let’s start with our regular events….

March 4, 2013 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm – “Play Trivia with Mason” – Middleton’s on Main (847) 526-6433

Test your skills, grab your friends and compete amongst the crowd. Full menu, bar is open, just show up and have fun! Play trivia and win a prize!


Sake Tasting, Sushi Bar, Bliss Wine and Gifts, Wauconda

Sake Tasting, Sushi Bar, Bliss Wine and Gifts, Wauconda

March 5, 2013 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – “Sake Tasting & Sushi Bar” – Bliss Wine and Gifts (847)526-7133 – JUST GOT WORD THAT THIS CLASS IS CANCELLED DUE TO IMPENDING BAD WEATHER.

Enjoy a taste and learn lesson on Sake and order up delicious sushi by Lindy’s Landing Sushi Chef – Reservations a must for Sake Class – $15 includes $10 credit towards Sake purchase. Call early – very popular class.


Sake Tasting, Bliss Wine and Gifts, Wauconda

Sake Tasting, Bliss Wine and Gifts, Wauconda


March 6, 2013 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – “Boresha International Fat Burning Coffee & Tea Tasting Party” – Energee Center (847) 526-7674


BSKINNY COFFEE – Switch from Fat storing to fat burning * Patented Hunger Control * Low Glycemic Balanced Energy * Thermogenic Fat-Burning * Buffered Caffeine

* Combats Stress-Related Eating

NUVO GENE TEA – DIT Thermogenic Fat-Burning * Maximum Natural Energy * Hunger & Stress related Eating Control * Anti-Glucose Matrix * Beating the Obesity Gene! Stop in, Taste & see what you think!

March 6, 2013 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – “Smarty Pants Trivia” – JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda – (847) 526-4159

Bring your friends out for a night of FUN with Smarty Pants Trivia!

This is an opportunity to show your friends who wears the pants!

Smarty Pant’s Trivia is an interactive team trivia game designed to

be played by teams of 4 or more people. It is 16 categories long and
lasts between 90 & 120 minutes.

Categories include sports, movies, music, food, cars and tv. There
are also 2 physical challenges a scavenger hunt and weekly prizes!!


March 6, 2013 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm – “Open Mic” – Middleton’s on Main (847) 526-6433

Featured weekly at Middleton’s on Main is Open Mic with local talents gracing us with their musical talents. So if you think you can sing, head on over to Middleton’s on Main. Sign up for Open Mic starts at 8:30 pm.


March 7, 2013 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm – “Beer Tasting” – Bliss Wine & Gifts (847) 526-7133

Join us for Beer Tasting from 5:30pm – 8pm and taste some great brews featuring different brews every week! Our neighbors at Bulldogs Grill feature an amazing gourmet menu. Come out for a great time!


March 8, 2013 7:00 pm – 11:55 pm – ” Bulldog Nation Foundation Dinner/Dance Gala” – Concorde Banquet Hall


Bulldog Nation Foundation is a group of dedicated community members who are interested in providing Wauconda High School with financial resources for innovation in the classroom to support a robust academic experience for all WHS students.

Visit us at for more information.

TICKETS ARE $75 per person (Includes soup, salad, entree, dessert and 4 hour open bar)

To reserve your spot at this exciting event, tickets must be purchased by March 1st. Please post any comments or questions you may have below and one of the Committee Members will get back to you promptly.


March 8, 2013 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm – “Placid Rock Trio” – JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda – (847) 526-4159

Enjoy dinner and the easy listening sounds of classic rock, jazz, blues and R&B by Placid Rock.

March 9, 2013 10:00 am – 12:00 pm – “Vision Board” – Energee Center (847) 526-7674

Vision Board Class with Jodi Salata


March 9, 2013 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm – “Comedy Club” Energee Center (847) 526-7674

Headliner: Jim McHugh

Feature: Mike Preston

Emcee: Will Tremont

$15.00 each for Advance Tickets Sales at Vickie’s Personal Touch before 2pm on 3/9/2013 (Next door to Energee Center)

Jimmy McHugh, a comedian for over 25 years, born & raised on the N.W. side of Chicago, blends observational humor emphasized with his unique vocal & facial expressions! Ernie Tucker of the Chicago Sun Times wrote, “Jim McHugh delivers some of the funniest sports material I have ever heard!” Jimmy appears at various national comedy clubs, Comedy Central, HBO, MTV, ESPN2 and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Mike Preston is a comic, author & self-appointed anti-social worker. He has all but abandoned political correctness and opted to shine a bright light on society & the entertainment aspect of the human condition. Mike is the Host of TV talk show Psycho Babble. His guests have included Mike Ditka, Craig Ferguson, Gilbert Godfried, Henry Winkler, Jerry Seinfield, Ted Nugent & more!

Will Tremont is Magician, Storyteller & Entertainer Extraordinaire! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!


Minimal charge for Snacks, Soda, Coffee & Water.


March 9, 2013 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm – “Ben Kane LIVE!” – JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda – (847) 526-4159

Acoustic set from Ben Kane of Razin’ Kane


March 10, 2013 9:30 am – 11:00 am – “Spiritual Mastery Group” – Energee Center (847) 526-7674

Do you want to move from being on the spiritual path, to being and walking on the path of the mystic? Then you must attend this!

This study group is for the spiritually strong that desire to walk and exemplify the teachings of the Master Teacher.

During each Study Group, Reverend Patty will give a deep meditation & a reflective talk on the lesson to start up the discussion. This is not just material you read and move on to the next book, but something that must be studied so your life can be transformed into the expression that knocks at the doorway of your soul!

Each lesson is a stepping stone that will bring you into wakefulness from illusion to REALTY, from fear to LOVE. If you want to know how to step out of your fear and walk only in Divine Love, this IS the study group for you!

The book is available for purchase at the time of class or

call 847-845-8818 to purchase ahead of time


March 10, 2013 11:00 am – 9:30 pm – ” Craftstravaganza” – JJ Twigs Pizza & Pub – Wauconda – (847) 526-4159

Come out for lunch or dinner and let the kids get creative!
Every Sunday a craft will be available for kids 12 and under.
*a new project is featured each month

Check JJ Twigs website for project description.


NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you contact the place of venue in the event of any cancellation or changes.


Mark your calendar for St. Patrick’s week, as we have jammed pack, loads of fun, going on here in Wauconda!  Check out our events calendar!  Hope to see you!





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9 Cholesterol Facts – The Truth About Cholesterol

Following Are Nine Cholesterol Facts That May Make You Rethink All of the Negative Stigma Heard about….. CHOLESTEROL!


 Cholesterol Facts - Truth About Cholesterol


1.  You Make It! Our body makes cholesterol in the liver. About 80% of the cholesterol circulating in our blood comes from our liver. Only 20% comes from the foods you eat.

2.  Lower Stress. Cholesterol is a powerful anti-stressor. Stress comes from a number of sources. In fact, the more stressed you are the more cholesterol your liver makes. Cholesterol is one of the most powerful anti-stress substances in your body.

3.  Increased Bone Density. Circulating cholesterol (LDL) is converted into Vitamin D (hormone), which is anti-inflammatory and allows you to absorb calcium for the health of your bones and teeth. Vitamin D has hormone-like effects, and is important in immune function as well as the integrity of the GI tract.

4.  Sex Hormones. You manufacture all your sex hormones – pregnenlone, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen from cholesterol.  As you get older your levels of sex hormones might drop due to a drop in cholesterol levels. If you take statin drugs to lower cholesterol you might find yourself with menopausal or sexual problems.  An interesting fact: the same pharmaceutical company makes Lipitor and Viagra.

5.  Anti-Inflammatory Hormones. Anti-inflammatory hormones are critical to your health. Hormones like pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA and cortisol (in the short-term) allow you to heal, regenerate and manage stress, sodium and blood sugar. All these hormones are made from cholesterol.

6.  Circulatory Hormones. Aldosterone is another hormone made from cholesterol that increases blood volume. Increased blood volume increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

7.  Digestive Hormones. Bile is made from cholesterol in our liver and it is stored in the gallbladder. Bile is secreted into your small intestines to break down dietary fats, and its sudsy effect helps keep your intestines clean. Toxins, like estrogen are stored in the bile after being detoxified by the liver. When the bowel is moving well and bile is made optimally, you are able to eliminate these toxins out of your body with your daily bowel movement.

8.  Stabilization. Cholesterol stabilizes the mitochondria of the cell, the place hormones are made and where glucose is converted to ATP – where energy is made. This stabilizing effect protects the cells from stress, which allows them to produce energy optimally.

9.  Toxicity and Stress.  Cholesterol will rise when your body is generally stressed or is stressed by toxic substances. Examples include heavy metals like mercury and cadmium; toxins form the gut (endotoxin), and chemicals like pesticides.


So there you have it – now you all know the truth about cholesterol but were always afraid to ask.  Post any comments or questions below and Linda DeFever, owner of Vitality Inc. Health for a Lifetime will be here to answer your questions.  And if you’d like to learn more about Cholesterol, she will be conducting a lecture on “Truth about Cholesterol and Why We Need It” at the Community Center on March 23, 2013 at 1PM.  Early registrations required as space is limited.  Check out our Events Calendar for more details about this event.



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Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 01/28/13

It’s going to be a busy week in Wauconda.  Lots of fun activities, so make sure to write these down and tell all your friends.  Wauconda is where you need to be this week!!

Ready, set GO!

1)  WEDNESDAY – January 30th, due to popular demand Beyond the Garden is bringing back “Soap Making” class.  I attended the first class, I have to tell you it was a blast!  Make a girls-night-out out of it, $20 per person.  Class starts at 6:30pm.

2)  WEDNESDAY – January 30th, is our usual offering of Open Mic held at Middleton’s on Main.  Fun starts at 9pm.

3)  THURSDAY – January 31st, the event that starts off the weekend in Wauconda, Beer Tasting at Bliss Wine, with menu accompaniment from Bulldogs Grill.


Beer Tasting at Bliss Wine

Beer Tasting at Bliss Wine

4)  SATURDAY – February 2ndGLX Great Lakes SnoCross Racing at Deacon’s Bar and Grill at The Golf Farm.  All Access Pass – $10.00 – 12 & Under – Free.  All Military & Students are Half Price!!  Event starts at 3pm.

5)  SATURDAY – February 2ndArtist Reception at Bliss Wine & Gifts.  Enjoy some lovely wines as you view some amazing art, including specialty glass creations, contemporary paintings, creative lifestyle artwork and more! Get your Valentine’s Day shopping with a special tasting by Anderson’s Candy Shop. 6-9pm.

6)  SUNDAY – February 3rdGLX Great Lakes SnoCross Racing!! Catch the excitement of Snowmobile Racing at Deacon’s Bar and Grill at The Golf Farm.  All Access Pass – $10.00 – 12 & Under – Free.  All Military & Students are Half Price!!  Event starts at noon.

So there you have it ~ lots of fun things to do in Wauconda this week.  Do you have any other Events that we’ve missed?  Add them in the comments below or add them in our Calendar of Events.

Enjoy the week Wauconda!



*  We encourage you to contact each Event venue in case of change or cancellation from original postings.  

DreamScapes Whimsical Has Class & More

DreamScapes Whimsical Has Class & More

Wauconda Has Class

Remember when I wrote about 13 Reasons to Love Wauconda and had mentioned how Wauconda has class? DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio was one of those unique places I was talking about. Located in the beautiful downtown Wauconda, DreamScapes offers a variety of classes from young to younger.

Meet Andrea

Andrea Perez Kaplan, DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique Studio

Meet Andrea of DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Owner, Andrea is a natural artist at heart. A very creative entrepreneur, Andrea earned her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. Her lifelong dream of having her own shop is balanced by also working at Alexian Brothers as an Expressive Arts Therapist where she helps both children and adults use creative arts as form of therapy. Expressive therapy is said to help people heal through use of imagination and the various forms of creative expression. Not only is it commendable that Andrea has such passion, but how she’s also able to maintain and run a store and raise her family as well is very admirable. When I had this interview with Andrea, she was on her way to take her son to basketball practice. She’s a busy mom! Andrea is married and has two children named Serenity and Zakai. Talk about being creative, it didn’t stop even with naming her children!

Art & Painting Classes

Art Classes at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Art Classes at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique and Studio offers themed classes like Mom & Me, Girls Scouts Get Togethers, Drop in Crafts, Make Your Own Jewelry and Seasonal Art Camps in Spring, Summer and Winter.  You can find some of the wonderful projects at Honey Hill Coffee Shops after the Camp Sessions.

Girls Scouts Gathering at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Girls Scouts Gathering at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Birthday Parties

Celebrate Birthdays, DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique Studio

Celebrate Birthday Parties at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Having a birthday party?  Come out and celebrate at DreamScapes!  They will custom-design a party to bring out the creative genius out of your celebrant.  Endless party packages to choose from!  Look at how happy these girls are!  Who wouldn’t want to have a party here?

Girls Night Out

For a fun night-out of creativity with the ladies, DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio offers an escape to unleash your creativity for a few hours.  A professional art instructor will work with you and your friends as you paint any masterpieces of your choice.  Class fee is $35 and includes supplies, use of tools and canvas.

Art & Yoga Classes

Need to get your wiggles out?  DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio also offers Art & Yoga classes in four week increments.  Does this sound intriguing?  Please be sure to check their website to see upcoming class schedules.


In summary, DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio as the name implies, is not just a retail store, they are a full activity center for people of all ages.  People can come in, pick out beads and make jewelry all for one flat rate.  People can paint on canvas, picture frames, ceramic things or any other medium.  People can set play dates, have custom-planned group events, celebrate birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, have ladies night out, attend art & yoga classes….the possibilities are endless at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio.

DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio


Dreamscapes is located at 119 S. Main Street, Wauconda IL 60084 ~ (224) 795.7437.


Mon. & Fri. 10:30 am to 6pm

Tues. & Sat. 10:30 am to 5pm

Wed. 12pm – 5pm

Thurs. 12pm – 6pm

Sunday by appointment only.

Check out DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio website and engage with them on Facebook.  They’re waiting to create with you!


DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

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DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio 42.259519, -88.140873 DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio ~ is a unique hand crafted gift shop with an Arts & Craft Studio located on Main Street in Downtown Wauconda. Features hand-crafted gifts, jewelry, rocks & crystals, Bottle Cap Jewelry, and custom orders.
Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 01/21/2013

Things to Do in Wauconda Week of 01/21/2013

Mom & Me Jewelry Making Class at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio

Mom & Me Jewelry Making Class at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio


This week in Wauconda offers something for the creatives in the crowd.  Mark your calendar for “Mom and Me Jewelry Making” classes being offered at DreamScapes Whimsical Boutique & Studio.   A very nice escape from your otherwise busy day, you and your mom can make your own personal creation not only you can be proud of, but you’ll also be creating memories that will last a lifetime.  The classes are offered at hour and a half increments on the following days and time —

January 21st, Monday 5pm to 6:30pm

January 22nd, Tuesday 5pm to 6:30pm

January 25th, Friday 5pm to 6:30pm

January 26th, Saturday 10:30am to noon 


The usual offering on Wednesdays at Middleton’s on Main is “Open Mic”.  So mark your calendar for January 23rd, sign up starts at 8:30pm.  I was able to take a peek last week and it was a blast!  This is a great mid-week fun activity!


Thursday, January 24th from 5:30pm to 8pm, is Beer Tasting night at Bliss Wine and Gifts.  I wonder what will be on the menu?


Unless you’re going to be out of town on Friday, I suggest you be at Bliss Wine and Gifts to see Kevin Purcell Acoustic Show.  This is his last gig at Bliss before Kevin Purcell & The Nightburners head to the International Blues Competition.  So you got that?  Wish them well – January 25th, 6pm, Bliss Wine and Gifts is the place to be!


Enjoy the week!