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WHAT is is an online publication that helps create an awareness about your business, your services, community events and entertainment, restaurant reviews, shopping venture, special offers and so much more.  Overall, this website is created for people who live, work and play in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, with main focus in the Wauconda area.  

WHY Advertise on

1)  This is the place where your Direct Target Market hangs out! readers are business owners, community volunteers, advocates, customers, homeowners, neighbors, friends, fans, followers, bloggers, professionals and students. Each of them contribute to making great and fun things happen within their communities. They are all highly connected and are genuinely invested in the community, and they are not shy about sharing their experiences about their community.

2) is a highly inter-active platform! encourages open positive dialogue between the businesses and local communities. We promote engagement and sharing of quality content online in real-time, because the more you know about your customers and their needs the more successful we all become as a community. engages its users in many ways:  Via an Interactive Events Calendar, Map Locator, Business Directory, Search Bar, Opt-In Subscription, Social Sites Share Buttons, Search-Engine Optimized Content with Comment Enabled that is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year to maintain a positive and constructive environment.

Our goal is to publish content that will help create awareness of the going-ons within the community that people will want to rave and talk about and share across the internet.

3) is heavily connected with popular social media platforms across the internet!  

Over 9,500 followers and friends through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest that will be exposed to your messages daily when you advertise on

Articles published about you on are also published on other nearby community online publications as well.

4) is digitally enhanced! employs numerous methods to ensure the highest probability for success.  We use proven social media and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that work and help website get high search rankings on major search engines which includes, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.  This website is built around how people search the web for things to do,  people to meet, places to go and things to buy.

It’s our objective to help you reach out and bring in more customers to your business by getting it known and optimally exposed on the web.

HOW to Advertise on

If you want to be part of the system that reaches out to new customers that you would not have been able to reach with traditional print ads and promotions, listed below are several options to consider.

Pricing for the following options are available upon request by filling out the form below.

1)  Be a Community Member

If you have anything you would like to share and promote with our audience, this is the perfect option for you! is created to drive customers to local businesses via a robust web presence that helps promote anything you offer.  This forum is more robust than your average traditional form of advertising.

Your business will be featured in our Places to Go section and Business Directory under specific heading as appropriate.  We also create custom “About Me” page that highlights your business, services that you offer, your office hours, address, phone number, email address and Google maps. Your featured page will be designed in such a way so your immediate target market will find you online and offline and will include links to your website and social media networks.  As a Community member, you get unlimited access to our Events Calendar  and Special Offers pages to help promote any and all of the events you have going on as often as you need.

Duration of service:  6 months

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2)  Be Featured in our “NW Suburbs Chicago Spotlight” Sidebar Sponsor Ad or Scrolling Ad

If you’re looking for more exposure and want your business to be highlighted on the most visited pages of, including the home page, we have prime space available for you.  You can choose this as an á la carte option or have it be included with our Community Member Package (see #1).  This is a great option if you have a huge event you’d like to promote.  Pricing varies depending on size and duration of ad.

Duration of service:  1 month

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3) Special Offers

Do you want to enhance your customers shopping experience and provide your customers with that added savings while they shop at your store?  We can help design a “Special Offer” incentive for your customers! Since our website is mobile-friendly, we will help provide that fun, interactive engagement that many new wave shoppers come to expect.  Contact us and we’ll offer many ideas how this can be achieved.  Pricing for this option varies depending on duration of ad.

Duration of service:  Fee for this is charged on a per post basis.

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4) Business Directory

Want to be included on our website, but have a limited budget?  Then consider being listed on our Business Directory.  Our website gets a lot of hits for things to do in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and being included on our business directory will provide you with optimal exposure and have potential customers looking for you on the web be able to find you!  You will be listed under several categories and along with your business name, will include information such as your address, phone number, business description along with links to your website and social media networks.

Duration of service:  6 months

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5) Classified Ads

Do you only have one or a few things you want to list?  We’ve designed this option specific for that reason.  Included listings in this options but not limited to are: Camps, Church News, Events, For Sale Items, Fundraisers, Garage Sales, Jobs, Real Estate, Rentals and School News.  If you have other listings not mentioned, please contact us and we will review if it fits our guidelines.

Duration of service:  Fee for this is charged on a per post basis.

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