13 Things to LOVE About Wauconda

Things to Love About Wauconda


As a resident of Wauconda for almost 13 years and being that it’s the year 2013, it seems fitting that I should write about 13 things to love about Wauconda.  So here it goes….  Note that this is not inclusive of everything Wauconda has to offer.  I’m counting on you to add more on the list.  So I welcome your comments below.

1)  Bangs Lake – is named after Justus Bangs, the first permanent settler in Wauconda, who arrived in the summer of 1836.  Bangs Lake hosts many activities including swimming, boating, skiing and fishing during the summer months.  The winter months bring ice skating and ice fishing to the lake.

2)  Main Street – what’s there not to like?  Every turn of the season, community volunteers, called Main Street Attraction, help decorate the lamp posts with seasonal greenery,  floral arrangement and lighting.  Then of course, we have the businesses on Main Street, that provides an eclectic mix of restaurants and bar, musical entertainment by many talented local artists (just to name a few of my favorites like (3Lincolns, Josh Skaja, Kevin Purcell, Heather Moran, Cathy Richardson and the list goes on….) and last but not least, shopping adventure.  Which by the way, many of the shops there are holding their annual holiday year-end sale.  Gotta love that!  HURRY!

3)  Ample Supply of Auto Parts and Banks – need I say more?  🙂

4)  Best Gourmet BurgersBulldogs Grill offers daily specials in addition to their already wide-selection of gourmet burgers.  And it’s no doubt that they received many awards for their awesomeness included, being voted “#1 Burger in Lake County”, “2012 Reader’s Choice Award” and was featured on “WGN’s Chicago’s Best TV Show”, which aired on October 30, 2011.

5)  FREE Wine Tasting Daily – you can enjoy wine, live entertainment and have food brought in from local restaurants nearby at Bliss Wine and Gifts.

6)  Lots of Selections for Fish Fry – we have Deacon’s Bar & Grill at The Golf Farm, Middleton’s on Main, Dock’s, Lindy’s Landing just to name a few. I’m sure there are more and I invite you to comment below with additional ones in the neighborhood.

7)  Millenium Trail – runs through Lakewood to Spring-Hill Forest Preserve and includes over 9 miles of connected trail for bicycles, hikers, horses and cross country skiers.

8) Athletic Races – we have our 5K walks/runs, whether it’s monster related or turkey related, we have it, we run it.  And rain or shine there’s Jog-n-Java that meets every morning in front of Bulldogs Grill.  So, no need to feel guilty about eating that Famous Duck Fries from Bulldogs Grill, you can burn off the calories by partaking in any of these calorie burning activities.

9) Awesome Main Street Events Throughout the Year – OK, I’m going to name some and I know I’ll forgot a few.  If you know of more, I need for you to comment and add them below.  Does that sound good?  Here are the ones I remember — Bubbles for Blossom, Blues, Brews & Burgers, Scarecrows on Main, WurstFest Ever, Trick or Treat on Main, Street Dance, Turkey Trot, Get Nuts on main, Holiday Walk and our Memorial Day and Homecoming Parades.  So OK, did I miss any?

10) ClassesArt class, soap-making class, cooking class, wine class, Wauconda definitely has class!  Check out our Events Calendar and Business Directory for a list of class offerings and who offers them.

11)  Schools — speaking of class?  Did you know that this past summer, a student from Wauconda High School  scored a perfect 36 on the ACT college entrance exam?  WOW!  That’s the future of Wauconda!  Which I’m thinking we need to feature them on our website, called “Future of Wauconda, Who Are They and Where Are They Now?”  What do you guys think?

12)  Where Everyone Knows Your Name – seriously, where can you go for a date night ,go to several different venues, all within walking distance, and every one knows your name?   Where?

13)  Awesome Sense of Community – I have lived many places and Wauconda is by far that one place where you feel a sense of being “home”.  My neighbors, people I meet at schools, in town Wauconda, people I hang out, etc…all have that genuine caring attitude.  I love Wauconda and I love the people!  Don’t you?  There are always plenty of things to do, places to go and people to meet in Wauconda!

So there you have it.  I know you have more to add.  Would love to hear it….



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