Hello!  Welcome to NWSuburbsChicago.com.  My name is Jocelyn Wilhelm, and I created this site because I am passionate about the community and I love helping businesses succeed in this day of all things digital.  I’m a Social Media Strategist, Social Media and Search Engine Optimizer and Marketer and I’m the Owner and Founder of JW Social Media. My technical background allows me to help businesses drive more traffic via their inbound marketing efforts, whether it’s to their website or social media channels.

Back in April 2012, I created a Facebook community page called, My Town Wauconda.  As you can see, I am socially engaged with the community.  Aside for always being asked, how do I post on Facebook to get more engagement, I am also asked, “where can I go for an amazing burger?”, or “what can I do with my family this weekend?”, or “how can I spread the word about my event?”, so fast forward to now, my geeky, techy brain figured the solution is to create a website that will serve as a one-stop resource for anyone who want to discover not only what Wauconda has to offer, but also expand out to nearby communities. Why not?!

So if you have a business or a special event and are looking to promote any of these, we can help create a very effective digital inbound marketing approach to bring more traffic to your website or other social media channels.

NWSuburbsChicago.com is an online publication that helps create an awareness about services, community events and entertainment, restaurant reviews, shopping venture, special offers and so much more.  Overall, this website is created for people who live, work and play in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, with main focus in the Wauconda area.   This type of approach will help extend your reach far broader than any traditional static marketing tools like, coupon mailers, TV, radio or print ads, telemarketing, billboards, etc., can offer you.  Not to mention this new media inbound marketing is more cost-effective, target-market driven, promotes real-time engagement and it is all measurable!

I appreciate you being here and thanks to all my friends and family who continue to encourage and support me.  And thank you all for being here and hope to see you again, and again and again!  🙂

‘Til next time….


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